Spacefleet Ltd is a new company, aiming at the space launch market. We would prefer to say "space transport market", because our aim is to build and operate completely-reusable vehicles.

The project, which is privately-funded has built a sub-scale rocket-powered, autonomously-guided prototype vehicle, which is expected to have its first test flights, in Romania, during the first quarter of 2018.

Small "can-sat" payloads can be taken to the stratosphere. Initially, apogees will be around 12km to 15 km, but could be increased to 30 km with more energetic propellants.

We are also constructing a small-scale "space dart" two-stage vehicle, which will be able to take small payloads up to around 25 km apogee.



Test-firing the 600kg-thrust solid rocket motor


If you would like to know more about this project, or you are interested in-:

- sending small experiments (can-sat format) to the upper atmosphere for microgravity or atmospheric measurements

- using our solid-propellant rocket motors, e.g. 120mm  diameter motor, 800kg thrust for 6 seconds, also 31 mm diameter motor 50 kg thrust, for 2 sec. Better performance with different propellant is possible. Motors are re-useable.

- rocket propulsion and space technology education and training.

then contact us at: