The Spacefleet Company will make the EARL launcher available to individuals and organisations wishing to transport payloads to space on sub-orbital trajectories. The payload may either be jettisoned or returned to a  runway landing, as required.

Since we are at an early stage with this project, the pricing is conjectural. However we expect to be able to make EARL available for payload launch at around $400,000 USD per launch. We confidently expect that this charge can be substantially reduced in subsequent years.

If you have scientific experiments requiring exposure to the space environment and microgravity for periods around 5 minutes in length, then the Spacefleet launch service using our EARL space-going UAV may fit your requirements. EARL will be able to loft up to 100kg payload to an apogee of not less than 100km, for a period of not less than 5 minutes of free-fall.

We expect that the cost of launch will be around $500,000 per launch. Payloads will be accommodated in a 80x80x80cm payload space, with the facility to keep the payload within the vehicle or to eject is as required. If retained, the payload will be returned, in the vehicle, to a runway landing.

If you are a potential customer for a service of this kind, please contact us, as collaboration with the project, would guarantee preferential service and lower launch costs.