Opportunities at Spacefleet


There are, currently, no positions available at Spacefleet Ltd, while we are in the process of obtaining funding for our project. However, when that funding does become available, there will be a steadily increasing need for aerospace professionals to join us, as activities are expanded in the future. When such opportunities do arise, they will be advertised on this site.

Meanwhile, if you are generally interested in the project and this company, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Equal Opportunity and Sustainability Statement

Spacefleet Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate according to race, religion, nationality, colour, gender, political affiliation, or any other attribute that would bear no relevance to an employment with Spacefleet Ltd.


Spacefleet Ltd. is fully committed to the principles of sustainable development. We will endeavour at all times and in all our activities to minimise the wastage of non-renewable resources. Furthermore, we intend, ultimately, that operational Spacefleet craft will contribute to the Earth's atmosphere no carbon dioxide emission whatsoever. In this way, customers of a future Spacefleet tourism or space transport service will be assured that the operation of the service will cause no environmental harm.