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21/02/2014 - EARL Model Development and Data Analysis

Next month, Ray Wilkinson's team at the University of Hertfordshire will be flying a sub-scale version of the EARL, with rocket propulsion, and remote guidance by radio control


05/02/2014 -Sub-scale development version of the EARL space-going UAV

Work has started on a sub-scale development version of the EARL space-going UAVWork has started on a sub-scale development version of the EARL space-going UAV


05/07/2013 - EARL project at UK Space Conference

Spacefleet Managing Director Ray Wright will give a short presentation on the status of the EARL project at the UK Space Conference...


01/05/2013 - Contractor Found To Build Scale EARL Model

We have recently found a contractor and agreed terms on building a scale model of the EARL spacecraft...


18/04/2013 - Business Plan Attracting Investors

The business plan for the Spacefleet EARL project is now  attracting serious interest from some potential investors...


01/04/2013 - Meeting with Collaborators

The Managing Director of Spacefleet met with two of the three international collaborators at the Space Conference in Dneproptrovsk...


28/12/2009 - PRESS: - Spacefellowship - Consortium of Aerospace Companies

The Spacefleet Project have recently posted some updates, Ray Wright (Company CEO) recently spoke with the Space Fellowship and discussed some of the progress the organisation have been making..


16/02/2009 - PRESS: - Spacefellowship - Financer

Last November there was a meeting with a possible financier, but no commitment resulted. We should not be too surprised at that. Because the Spacefleet company is a start-up organisation...


16/02/2009 - PRESS: - Spacefellowship - SF01

Ray setup the company in 2004 with a view to developing a project to design, build and sell a craft for space tourism, their design is called the SF-01...


09/01/2008 - PRESS: - The Spacefellowship - Never Giving Up

With the New Year well underway I may be mistaken into believing that there is an air of anticipation falling upon the commercial space community. With Virgin Galactic unveiling their new designs this month 2008 seems to be a massive year for the commercial space scene..

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